Guardian Soulmates Review

One of the leading online dating services in the UK is Guardian Soulmates; they currently feature over 150,000 member profiles throughout the UK as well as overseas.  They cater to all sexual persuasions including bi-sexual, gay, lesbian and straight and allow you to create a free member profile.  You should know that they classify their customers as either members or subscribers, the latter being a paid subscription.  If you are just starting out in online dating, Guardian Soulmates is a good first choice for the novice.

There are a number of reasons for considering this online dating site including:

* Higher quality members – compared to the average over-priced online dating sites, Guardian Soulmates caters to graduates and professionals
* Over 1,000 new members are joining the site every week
* Excellent customer service is available to help you with anything from answering your questions to assisting you in posting your member profile
* Profiles are monitored continually in order to keep the scammers and spammers away

Additionally, Guardian Soulmates provides the member with an anonymous, safe, and secure way to search for that special someone and communicate with others.  It’s a simple matter of establishing a screen name (username) and posting your profile in order to get started searching for a mate.

By searching the site, you can check out other member’s profiles and in turn, they have the ability to view yours.  Once you have found someone of interest to you, you can send a message to their username using Guardian Soulmates’ messaging service in the hopes of communicating with them.

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  • Guardian Soulmates has been revamped – it is now much less value for money as many of the features have been lost. In particular, the search facility, which used to be quite comprehensive, is now pathetic.

    Richard 31st March 2011 @ 15:47

  • it is awful. you tick all the boxes and then have a very exciting surprise when the most beautiful girl in the place seems to be the perfect match. a blue and red swingometer shows how perfect you are for each email them.and thats it you don’t get a respones.all your hopes and dreams are in ruins. it reminds me of being rejected all over again.
    all the profiles are the i love art, and music and i like food.
    i tried to write something which was slighty leftfield, so i said i was a tramp and that i smelt and that my fav pasttime was starting fights in pubs.all good harmless fun. but the moderator has censored my page. So i have to stick blowing my own trumpet and singing all my own praises while everybody just ignores me.

    anthony evans 1st August 2011 @ 12:42

  • Hi just deleted my GSM profile….I thought I would meet like minded, intelligent men hah they are no better than those on POF.

    I’m 40 f, own house, doing a degree and love having fun the usual stuff we all write about…..I’m not a munter because i’m always complimented on my looks

    I went on 2 dates only as no other men interested me i.e. the only two who read my profile (you can tell)…

    you can’t even have a joke with them they are so stuck up one guy got so angry when I tried to have a joke with him, nothing rude or nasty it’s not my style…or as I found out most on GSM are serial daters…because as they say to me they’ve forked out 6 months to basically email you? waste of time. These same men sit and grumble about it!

    These men were all la la you’re so beautiful, so much fun yak yak i’ll call you …..I knew damn well they wouldn’t when they say i’ve been on GSM for 8 months and had twenty dates! even i’m not that fussy.

    They are serial stuck up, daters looking for an ego boost or s*x and no more….. you pay £32 for emailing? join Facebook its free!

    Anon 2nd August 2011 @ 10:15

  • Guardian Soulwaste is really dire.
    I swapped numbers with with 4 blokes who messaged me avidly saying how much they wanted to meet me and how attractive they thought I was and then;
    1 cancelled the first date 3 times & didn’t bother to rearrange
    2 didn’t reply when I asked when they wanted to meet up
    1 turned up but there was no chemistry

    No one I sent a message to replied and many of the men that added me to their favourites were 25 years older than me. I’m 24, men in their 30s are fine but I ‘aint dating no 51 year old.

    lulu 14th August 2012 @ 20:39

  • Try not email the most beautiful girls. Why not give the more average but intelligent and nicer women a chance? They are more likely to reply!

    Rachel 10th December 2012 @ 17:30

  • I have been trying online dating for just over 1 year and tonight is my last night as after months of reading profiles and sending thoughtful messages, I have got quite tired of the whole dating scene these sites seem to be full of time wasters whom have no interest in looking for a partner.

    Having tried 5 sites yes really I did the best one is Guardian Soulmates, although in the end I got worn out.

    Karl Kiernan 15th June 2013 @ 23:57

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